3 Lift - Post-Meet Pricing

3 Lift - Post-Meet Pricing

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What does your lifting assessment include?

Each assessment package includes a detailed biomechanical breakdown of your lifting technique and associated muscle strategies of all nine of your competition attempts (all three squat, bench, and deadlift attempts) based on our specialized video analyses performed. Using your competition videos, we provide our assessment through written and visual video feedback files,  in order to explain to you:

  1. why you move the way you do, 
  2. identify your strength and potential weaknesses that may be limiting your strength performance and what you get out of your training programming,  and
  3. how to address this effectively in your training using an evidence-based approach to strength training.

This is a new, first of its kind online service that is not offered anywhere else in North America for Powerlifing specific technique coaching to supplement your strength training programming.


Megan Bryanton, PhD (Human Kinetics), C.S.C.S.