Exercise Prescription and Technique Coaching

So what else do we offer after assessments are performed?

Our objective is to provide you with the best training strategy in order to reach your specific goals. This could include one or a combination of the following:

  • modification in lifting technique and instructions or "cues" to help you during the lift
  • exercise recommendations and how to incorporate into your training program
  • "mobility" work if muscle tightness/reduced joint range of motion is preventing you from getting into proper position during a lift.

What is Optimal?

There is no one standardized technique that is suited for all lifters. We are all built differently and our anthropometrics (limb lengths, proportions, muscle mass) will influence how easily we can perform an exercise. As previously mentioned, how the lift is performed, or which exercise is selected will determine the muscles that we use, and as a result, strengthen. Therefore, the training strategy we recommend will be customized to suit your needs according to your training goals.

Lifting not the same post injury?

After injury, our body does everything it can to protect a muscle and/or joint that is injured, and may prevent a muscle from being activated to its full potential. This requires a unique training approach as it is crucial to regain strength to prevent movement deficiencies from persisting, and further injury.