ONE-Time Assessment (Online/non competition)

If you are interested in getting a biomechanical breakdown of your lifting and technique assessed, send us your training videos! You can purchase a single assessment package, where we will instruct you how to get the best angles to record your training videos to to us for analyses. In this option you will receive a detailed video voice-over of Dr. Bryanton explaining your assessment, supplemental video files to refer back to,  as well as training recommendations to take your strength performance to the next level! 


MOnthly/Bi-Weekly online Services

Interested in working  with Dr. Bryanton on a more continual basis? Sign up for month-to-month services to send us your training videos for re-assessment ever 2-4 weeks, depending on level of feedback required (monthly or bi-weekly). This is to ensure proper progression after the initial assessment has been performed and training recommendations made. Option to upgrade or downgrade service level anytime after first month.



Unlimited monthly services give you weekly training feedback as well as unlimited Skype/Text/Email/Phone correspondence with Dr. Bryanton, 24/7. Send us all of your training videos each week. We recommend this option for individuals who are really keen on learning the "ins and outs" of biomechanics  as applied to their strength training, or for lifters dealing with injury where movement quality needs to be followed more diligently.  Option to downgrade to bi-weekly/monthly service level anytime after first month.



On a budget but interested in receiving the training recommendations to take your performance to the next level? Sign up for a mini assessment! Following your registration you will receive a link to your GoogleDrive folder to upload a weeks worth of training videos into. Within 5 business days will receive your PDF write up listing your strengths and weaknesses, as well as training recommendations (training cues, mobility work, exercise prescription and explanation of recommendations). You will also receive a promo code discount if you wish to get a full assessment or sign up for monthly services in the future!